Gareth Withers


May I give you a heart-felt welcome to Local Vocals. I hope you enjoy browsing the website and register something of the thrill and pride I get from conducting this wonderful choir.


I owe a great debt of gratitude to good friend, Beth Carlon, who persisted with her request for me to start an adult choir. For years I had taught singing and curriculum music to Primary School Children, when finally I felt the time was right to take Beth's advice and plunge into adulthood! Sadly, as an individual I have never achieved it (I'm completely juvenile!), however, I do wonder why it took me so long to work with adult singers. They are both euphoriously euphonic and wonderfully wacky! I wouldn't change a single one of them.


The LV ethos is very clear, to enjoy the buzz of choral singing and enjoy the company of lovely people. Every Monday the choir enjoys both the vocal and social side of the rehearsal. We laugh alot! This is no bad thing. The choir is relaxed and therefore able to free their voices more effectively. This also makes the newcomers fit right in.


The first ever LV session was only 18 months ago, but we have achieved a great deal in that short time. We started off with about 20 of us and quickly worked towards our first concert, 'One Enchanted Evening' in front of 500 people at the Albany Theatre in Coventry. We had only four men and yet still managed to pull off a wonderful version of The 'Les Miserables Medley'!!


The choir has grown considerably with about 50 members and thankfully many more men! In the last twelve months we have performed at a variety of venues and the diary for the new term is already filling up.