Just went to my first evening taster at a choir called Local Vocals led by Gareth Withers who is an amazing leader. This evening Gareth taught the choir 'When I grow up' from Matilda, accompanied by Richard Hook, from scratch. Within 15 minutes we were singing it in 3 part harmony!! All the voices blended in a mellow powerful sound which came from all of our individual voices. Everyone was extremely welcoming to newcomers like myself (especially Gareth, Ally and Rich) who came for the first time to check it out. For those of you who are interested here are some details from the Facebook page -
"Local Vocals is an adult choir in Coventry that has been running for 10 months. We perform various genres of music at a variety of venues across Coventry. Our newly formed choir meets once a week at Ernesford Grange Primary School and is conducted by Coventry Vocalist, Gareth Withers." Have a look!






Once again thank you so much for all your hard work and encouragement. Being a small part of Local Vocals has been an amazing experience and is exactly what I was looking for in a choir. May we go from strength to strength and hopefully giving pleasure to others.






I loved singing at the festival. It was good for my soul.







Ann Marie - Mother of Bride, Gemma Kingham


To Gareth and all the members of Local Vocals. 


Firstly let us Congratulate you all on your magnificent perfomrance at our daughters wedding. Your wonderful harmonies have left an everlasting memory of our special day. 


The enchanting music has caused goosepimples on the entire congregation. Everyone who was there is still talking about the choir, and rightly so.


It was obvious that alot of hard work and practice at rehearsals had been carried out, your standards, in our opinion are second to none. Keep up your excellent work, we wish you every success for the future. Perhaps on X-Factor or Britain's Got Talent because you are good enough!


Thank for all your efforts.

 Anne Marie Eccles

Mother of the Bride 



I just wanted to say thanks for being such a wonderful choir master and giving us so many opportunities, I've enjoyed every minute of my local vocal journey so far. Can't wait to see what September will bring!